Façade, 1993 © Eric Richmond

Jean Paul Gaultier / Régine Chopinot, le défilé

Régine Chopinot and the Ballet Atlantique - Régine Chopinot (BARC, Centre Chorégraphique National de La Rochelle) generously donated all the costumes Jean Paul Gaultier designed for their productions to the Arts Décoratifs, musée de la Mode et du Textile, Paris, and the Centre national du costume de scène et de la scénographie, Moulins.

The eighty costumes (three hundred and twenty-eight garments and accessories) now in Paris are the most representative collection of Jean Paul Gaultier’s dance costumes, whose creations have accompanied all Régine Chopinot ’s choreographic works, from Délices in 1983 to Façade in 1994.

This exceptional exhibition provides a unique insight into each of these two talented creators’ collaborations. The costumes are presented in a display focussing on the ballets that were the fruit of the insolent creativity of Régine Chopinot and Jean Paul Gaultier. The most famous of these was undoubtedly Le Défilé in 1985, an atypical creation for sixteen dancers, actors and models. Half-fashion show half-ballet, it became a landmark in contemporary fashion history by reconciling a new generation of choreographers with dance costume, which had been reduced to it most minimal expression since the 1960s.

Le Défilé’s extraordinary costumes were designed and made according to the codes which usually structure a fashion show. Corset dresses, fantastic cabled wool crinolines, “giant panties” and “cushion dresses” chased off the conventional “tutus”. Le Défilé was a profession of faith on the part of an iconoclastic, humorous and demanding couturier.

The exhibition, created in close collaboration with Régine Chopinot and Jean Paul Gaultier, focuses on costumes which act as “manifestos” for each choreographic piece, accompanying them with videos of their performance. In the extremely purified exhibition space, skilfully emphasised with a touch of illusionism, the costumes appear to be temporarily suspended in time and space.


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125 including 80 mannequins from Les Arts Décoratifs Fashion and Textile collections and from the CNCS Moulins, 24 photographs of le Défilé ballet from Stéphane Sednaoui and 22 original drawings from Pauline Binoux.

Exhibition space
1200 sqm

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