The study programme is organised into three units: project, experimentation and project skills. Their relative importance evolves with each semester, as the carrying out of the project gradually becomes more important.

The project
The interior and product design workshops are the crucibles where different teachings converge. The school’s pedagogy favours synthesis and a prospective attitude, placing the student in a process which progressively mobilises all the phases of creation: analysis, conception, project development, representation and communication, execution. Its goal is to empower each student to master every aspect and temporality of a project’s complexity.

The experimentation
The experimentation process covers the formal and cultural exploration of spaces, structures and techniques. Creative competencies are assessed during workshops and multisiciplinary workshops focussing on a formal aspect of space and product, integrating video, information technology and communication. Students’ progress is assessed on their exploratory process rather than the result.

Project skills
This unity brings together the teaching of the formal, cultural and technical knowledge and skills indispensable at each stage of the design process: construction and standards, the properties of materials and their use, the various types of drawing, technological developments in imagery, methodological knowledge, visual communication and representation of the project.

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