The Interior and Product Designer’s task involves employing a work process, theoretical thinking, technological knowledge and a formal language.

Space and product, the course’s core concerns, are explored via an extremely wide variety of subjects reflecting the design field’s diverse sectors of activity.

Culture plays a fundamental role in a designer’s work. It favours an active awareness of intellectual issues and the broad knowledge of human endeavour indispensable for future professionals.

The study of form engages one in a sensorial approach to one’s environment. The exploration of the question of the senses is crucial in this. In drawing, colour and volume classes, students acquire their own formal vocabulary. Through experimentation and a variety of practices, they apprehend and master the creation of forms.

Technical knowledge is necessary for the material understanding and conception of a project, both in interior and product design. In parallel, the teaching of numerous software packages gives the student a choice of specialised tools for conceiving and developing a project.

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