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Enrolment for the five-year degree course

Students admitted after the competitive entrance examination are sent registration forms, to be returned by Tuesday 16 June 6 pm (on written request, this time limit can be extended for students awaiting baccalauréat or equivalent school-leaving examination results).

The registration forms include payment of 7,250 € per year for the degree course (+ 200 € registration fee for the first year ) and 7,150 € for the 5th year.

Student status
Student benefit from all the advantages of student status (French National Health Service, CROUS services, etc.) and the French state scholarship system (the 5-year course was granted approval on 22 November 1990). School fee reductions can be considered for scholarship holders.

Foreign students
At the beginning of the university year, foreign students must produce a copy of their study visa, issued by a French consulate abroad. This visa is obligatory for a temporary student residence permit.

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