Are French students eligible for a state grant or scholarship?

Yes for the degree course, but not for the Introduction to Space course. Grant requests are made individually by minitel or Internet (there is no longer a ’paper’ application form) before April, therefore before the entrance examination.

What are the tuition fees?

• 7,250 € per year for the degree course (+ 200 € registration fee for the first year ) and 7,150 € for the 5th year.
• 4,950 € per year for the Introduction to Space course (+ 300 € registration fee) or 2,000€ for students attending only one study theme.

Payment can be spread out.

Are scholarship students entitled to reduced tuition fees?

As the school does not receive state funding it is self-financed, from tuition fees and the apprenticeship tax. The scool private donation funds may enabled a reduced payment of tuition fees for certain students experiencing financial difficulties . A social commission seats in June, immediately after the competitive entrance examination, and makes all decisions concerning those reductions.

Are Camondo students entitled to student national health coverage?

Yes, for the degree course and the Introduction to Space course.

Do you have an in-house cafeteria?

Not a specific one but students have access to the cafeteria of the Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture and to the CROUS university restaurants.

How can I find accommodation in Paris? Does the school provide accommodation?

The school does not provide accommodation and has no allocated rooms in university residences. The list of CROUS university residences is provided.

What materials and service expenses (prints, etc.) should one budget for in addition to tuition fees?

This varies greatly from student to student. Basic equipment has to be acquired during the first year, and kept throughout the degree course. Some students evaluate expenses at around 100 € per month (materials, prints, etc.). The students’ office sometimes buys in bulk to obtain discounts.

Does one have to have a lap-top?

This is not obligatory but advisable, especially from the 2nd year of the degree course onwards.

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