Competitive entrance examination for the degree course

Does one have to attend a foundation course in order to pass the competitive entrance examination for the Ecole de Camondo degree course? If so, which one?

A foundation course is highly recommended since the examination requires a certain level of artistic competency and in the oral interview candidates have to present a personal work portfolio difficult to constitute alone. Artistic competency is only one of the elements evaluated by the jury. Personal motivations and artistic ambitions are also taken into account.
Students who have just passed the baccalauréat exam are rarely admitted. Those who are admitted must have benefited from prior knowledge of an artistic milieu and drawing classes (either in their lycée or in extra-curricular classes such as those run by the Ateliers du Carrousel during the school year or holiday periods, and only if they have a very high level of proficiency. The Ateliers du Carrousel, like the Ecole Camondo, is part of Les Arts Décoratifs.

Who can enter the competitive entrance examination ?

Since 2008, the baccalauréat or equivalent is required. Exceptions to this rule may be consented by a commission and on the basis of the personal experience already acquired by candidates. Students educated abroad must have a recognised baccalauréat equivalent and excellent command of written and spoken French.

Does the Introduction to Space course facilitate admission to the degree course?

The Introduction to Space course is not a specific foundation course preparing admission to the Ecole Camondo’s degree course. Its field of investigation is broader than space and the object, and it also prepares for further education in the fine arts, architecture, graphic design, textiles and strip cartoons, etc.

Is there an age limit?

No, unlike admission to public schools.

How can one gain admission to a year higher than first year through transfer of study credits?

One is required to pass the competitive entrance examination (commun exam for all candidates). The Ecole Camondo jury decide at which level each candidate is allowed to enter, according to his/her previous curriculum (see 43 below).

When does one take the competitive entrance examination?

In May 2009.

What does the competitive entrance examination comprise?

It comprises 2 phases.
• Three examinations (on saturday 16 May):

  • A written examination (commentary on a text, photograph or work, etc.),
  • A drawing,
  • A three-dimensional object (production of a model).

Examples of subjects: written commentaries of a visual document (a postcard of the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris) and an imaginary description of what is ’outside the frame’, preparatory sketches and construction of a corresponding three dimensional model.

• One week later, a 30-minute interview with a jury of Ecole Camondo teachers (discussion of the candidate’s personal motivations and presentation of a personal work portfolio).

What is the examination’s success rate?

Between 50 and 60 students are admitted to the first year. Due to the increasing number of candidates, the examination is more competitive. The success rate in 2008 was 20%, compared to 27% in 2007.

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