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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Definition of the school and the professions taught

- What courses do you offer?
- What are your specific teaching aims?
- Why choose the Ecole Camondo?
- What are the school’s links with Les Arts Décoratifs?
- What are the school’s links with the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD)?
- Are you an interior decoration school?
- What is the difference between architecture and interior design?
- What is the difference between industrial design and product design?
- Who are your teachers?
- Do you run in-house training courses or evening-classes?

Value of the diploma and integration into professional life

- What professions do you provide training for?
- Do you have a career service? Does it receive many job offers?
- Do Camondo graduates easily find work?
- Who are your famous graduates?
- Is the Ecole Camondo diploma the equivalent of a masters degree? What does it enable one to do?
- What is work experience equivalency?
- Do you practice work experience equivalency?

5-year degree course

- What disciplines are taught?
- What is the proportion of supervised school work and personal work?
- Do you have partnerships with companies?
- Does the course include internships in companies?
- Do you run international exchange schemes?
- What software packages do you teach?
- What are the criteria for admission to following years?
- What is the annual dropout rate?
- What is the academic rating of the 2-year course certificate?

Foundation year – Introduction to Space course

- Do you run a refresher course in the applied arts?
- Do you run a foundation course or the equivalent of a refresher course?
- What does the Introduction to Space curriculum include?
- How is one admitted to the Introduction to Space course?
- How many students attend the Introduction to Space course?
- Do Introduction to Space course students benefit from French national health coverage and student grants?
- What does one obtain at the end of the Introduction to Space year?
- Do Introduction to Space students have to take the competitive entrance examination for the school’s degree course?
- What can one do after the Introduction to Space course year?
- Does one have to have the baccalauréat or equivalent to attend the Introduction to Space course?

Competitive entrance examination for the degree course

- Does one have to attend a foundation course to pass the competitive entrance exam? If so, which?
- Who can enter the competitive entrance examination?
- Does the Introduction to Space course facilitate admission to the degree course?
- Is there an age limit?
- How does one gain admission to years higher than first year by transfer of study credits?
- When does one take the competitive entrance examination?
- What does the competitive entrance examination comprise?
- What is the examination’s success rate?


- Are French students eligible for a state grant or scholarship?
- What are the tuition fees?
- Are scholarship students entitled to reduced tuition fees?
- Are Camondo students entitled to student national health coverage?
- Do you have an in-house cafeteria?
- How can I find accommodation in Paris? Does the school provide student accommodation?
- What materials and services (prints, etc.) expenses should one budget for in addition to the school’s tuition fees?
- Does one have to have a lap-top?

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