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Preserve, enrich and document the collections
The museums and library of the Arts Décoratifs house some of France’s largest collections, bringing together thousands of items from various fields of the decorative and applied arts. Numerous gifts, purchases and bequests enrich the collections each year.

Transmit knowledge and skills
The transmission of specialized knowledge is one of the institution’s key objectives. This entails not only giving access to its permanent collections, organizing exhibitions, documenting the collections, putting the resources of the museums’ library and documentation center at the disposal of specialists, but also providing top-flight professional training at the Camondo school and practical and theoretical instruction in the workshops.

Promote contemporary design
Exhibiting and purchasing works by contemporary designers is part of the dialogue between designers, publishers, manufacturers, industrialists and distributors.

Develop links with industry
The Arts Décoratifs help to maintain the tradition of crafts and the applied arts and offer manufacturers stylistic references for contemporary and future production. Industrialists working in many different fields are partners of the Arts Décoratifs.

Education and training

Whether the aim is to:

- develop an interest in art, prepare for tertiary education or help reorient a career through courses at the Ateliers du Carrousel ;
- encourage children, students and adults to explore our museums and exhibitions through activities organized by the visitors’ department;
- provide tertiary education at the École Camondo leading to a state-recognized diploma in interior architecture and design;
- prepare students for art schools, also at the École Camondo,

educational activities are an essential part of the missions of the Arts Décoratifs.

École Camondo
The École Camondo is a private school of higher education created in 1944 and recognized by the State in 1989. Its diploma is certified (registered with the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles). The school offers a 5-year course in interior architecture and design. The curriculum focuses on project methodology. Project design combines theory, technical skills and the vocabulary of the plastic arts. Famous designers and architects who were trained at the school include Pierre Paulin, Philippe Starck, Jean-Michel Wilmotte... It now enjoys an international reputation.
A separate one-year course, “An Introduction to Space”, divided into four themes (personal space, daily living, the urban environment and the dimension of otherness) helps students make a mature choice in applying for a school of applied arts. The themes are also available as continuing education.

The Ateliers du Carrousel
The Ateliers du Carrousel propose:

- year-long workshops (over 120 workshops crossing disciplines, age groups and timetables) for children aged 4 and over, teenagers and adults. It gives nearly 1,800 pupils introductory or advanced training in the techniques of drawing, painting, modeling, trompe-l’oeil, graphic communication, art history and so on;
- workshops during the school holidays focus on particular techniques for a few days;
- workshops preparing students for a higher study in the plastic arts are intended mainly for adolescents and students (year-long workshops like the three-year cycle) but are also open to adult trainees (summer workshop, individual programs);
- external workshops can be designed for specific purposes (events for companies or advertising agencies, activities in schools, design workshops for professionals, craftsmen or other groups).

Visitors’ Department
The Visitors’ Department designs all the activities, visits, workshops, lectures, courses, documents, photographic sessions that have to do with the collections of the Arts Décoratifs.

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