The admission procedure

The admission procedure
Students admitted to the first year or upper years must successfully pass a competitive entrance examination.

The examination
On day one, candidates are shown an installation or document then asked to produce a written commentary and a three-dimensional and graphic responses to this set subject.

May 2007 set subjects:

- Drawings from memory: a stemmed glass, a clothes peg, a glove. Written commentary on a quote by the media theoretician Marshall McLuhan. Commentary on the imagined contents of a cardboard box given to each candidate. Once the box has been opened: conception and construction of a space for its contents, in the form of a scale model comprising heterogeneous objects no higher than 30 cm. Invention of a title or slogan for this space. Life-size drawings of the space from observer’s height.

Candidate’s responses are assessed for their pertinence and formal qualities (graphic and three-dimensional), and ability to write and present an argument and exploit one’s overall culture and knowledge. Work produced during these exams is not returned to candidates.

The oral examination
On day two, candidates are asked to discuss the above work and their personal motivations for 30 minutes before a jury of Ecole Camondo lecturers. They are asked to present and defend a portfolio of personal work freely chosen to convey their creativity, motivations and level of reflection and knowledge. The interview enables the assessment of a candidate’s competency and maturity.
A special jury evaluates candidates seeking admission to upper years. Candidates must present a personal work portfolio compiled during prerequisite study years.

The jury is free to set examination questions and themes. It judges the year of admission and its decisions are final.

The Calendar

- May 2009 Session
Enrolments: 2 January - 6 May
Exams: Saturday 16 May
Oral examination: Thursday 28 - Saturday 30 May
Results: Tuesday 3 June pm

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