Pierre-Alexis Dumas elected chairman of Les Arts Décoratifs

At its board meeting today, Les Arts Décoratifs elected a new executive board. Monsieur Pierre-Alexis Dumas was unanimously elected chairman following a proposal by Monsieur Bruno Roger, whose term of office was due for renewal. The entire board commended his commitment and active role in the redefinition of the institution’s strategy, which he has led in a spirit of dialogue to ensure the continuity of its missions. Following his election, Pierre-Alexis Dumas wishes to make the following statement.

“At the board meeting on 17 December 2015, having acknowledged Bruno Roger’s decision to end his term of office as Chairman, the board elected me Chairman of Les Arts Décoratifs from 1 January 2016. I would like to sincerely thank each of the board members for this decision.

I would firstly like to express my profound gratitude to Bruno Roger, who took the torch at a moment’s notice.

Very respectful of the work accomplished by his predecessors, he accentuated the institution’s key values and development prospects, determined to consolidate the heritage left by Hélène David-Weil’s 18 years as chairwoman and the Museum’s re-opening in 2006.

He put a new executive team in charge, partly renewed already under the chairmanship of Jean-Jacques Aillagon.Bruno Roger succeeded in mobilising the institution’s lifeblood to face financial challenges and actively involved members of the board in strategic decisions regarding the institution’s evolution.

Intent on achieving change in continuity, Bruno Roger initiated major projects in all fields, in the directions taken by the museums and the exhibition programme, in the schools and education, in the renewal of the institution’s image and communications, and in the solicitation of public and private funding.

The entire institution has taken on new momentum and I am delighted to succeed him.

In a constantly evolving world, we must act in unison to defend our values, create enchantment, make our collections and exhibitions known, and develop our educative missions for the widest possible public.

All the institution’s forces must be mobilised: the board, the directors, the curators, the teachers, our entire staff, and also our donors, sponsors and the members of our Friends societies. We must all share the Arts Décoratifs project in a spirit of mutual respect and exchange, and forge a communal vision of our missions for all publics.

Les Arts Décoratifs is a profoundly contemporary institution.

In an era where the object is omnipresent but also trivialised, dematerialised and increasingly obsolescent, we must reflect on its meaning more than ever. The object is a vector of a culture, it is charged with knowledge and crystallises practices, skills and thought. It is an expression of creativity and innovation, an emblem of our inherited values and a testament to our humanity.

In the artistic crafts, fashion, the applied arts and industrial creation, the object is the very heart of our institution’s life. It is its mission and raison d’être: the object’s origins, its emergence, its uses, its form and its finality.

It is my wish for the Les Arts Décoratifs to become the key place where the object’s history and role in society is reflected on and shared: a living, vibrant place of exchange and debate, a place of memory and transmission of knowledge, a place where all those who appreciate the beautiful in the useful can come together.”

Les Arts Décoratifs, 107, rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris
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